New T-Series Re-Trim Kit from Bostrom

Freshen Your Ride, Experience the Difference – F.R.E.D.

Has your current seat cushion been ridden well beyond its expected life? Have you patched and taped the seat until it just won’t patch anymore? Do you want to improve your comfort without replacing the entire seat? FRED is your solution!

Bostrom Seating’s FRED refresh kit is a fast way to return your seat to like new condition, helping to reduce discomfort and fatigue from sitting on holes and deformed surfaces.

With the FRED refresh kit you could be on your way to a like new seat in 30 minutes!

  • Easy 30 minute installation with step by step instructions so you can get back to comfort fast
  • Not only refresh, but enhance your ride with our new ergonomic Pro Ride cushion and Back poly giving you better than before comfort
  • Keep your existing suspension and frame, saving you time, effort and money
  • Fits any Bostrom T-series, Baja, LSO, or Wide Ride series seat, so you don’t have to wonder about matching different kits to your seat.
Take a look at Bostrom Seating’s FRED kit today! What do you have to lose?