Serta Cool-Action Gel Memory Foam

Bostrom Redefines Seat Comfort Again

The Wide Ride+Serta® is the latest edition of the Wide Ride series. With it, we have redefined premium seating for professional drivers, just like we did with the original Wide Ride. The new, wider 23” seating surface isn’t just larger. It also comes equipped with a totally new feature never before seen in truck seating. Bostrom has partnered with Serta® and incorporated their Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam into the seat cushion.

A Dream Partnership for Ultimate Comfort

Exclusive use of Serta® Cool-Action™ Gel Memory Foam, the first seat of its kind infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta® MicroSupport® gel to help you through the day. The leader in seating together with the leader in mattresses gives you a best-in-class ride unmatched in the industry.

Feature Breakdown

  • Wide Ride+Serta® Isolating Air Suspension
  • WRII HiPro with 4″ Ride Zone
  • WRII LoPro with 4″ Ride Zone
  • Hi-performance Damper
  • 9.5″ Fore-aft Track Adjustment
  • Recline Adjustment with fold-flat capability
  • Bellows Suspension Cover
  • Exclusive Serta® Cool-Action™ Gel Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic 23″ Wide Seat Upper
  • Hi or Mid Back
  • WRII Enhanced Flex Cushion Support System
  • Dual Chamber Air Lumbar Support Adjustment
  • Back & Cushion Air Bolster Adjustment
  • Exclusive BackCycler® System
  • Three Position Front Cushion Tilt Adjustment
  • Three Position Rear Cushion Tilt Adjustment
  • Thigh Extension Adjustment
  • Map Pocket on Seat Back
  • Dual Cushion Side Pockets
  • Optional Dual 16″ Long Adjustable Position Armrests
  • Optional Driver or Passenger Swivel
  • Optional Back & Cushion Heater
  • Available in Endura Cloth or Ultra Leather

Get Yours Today!

Don’t put up with another restless night of sleep on a low-quality mattress. Upgrade to a Bostrom+Serta® mattress today.

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